i want 2 fuk spike jonze’s nose

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I’m glad the portrait of Ben Franklin stayed the same on the new $100 bill. There’s something about his slight, tight frown, the paternal hint of disappointment in his eyes and those pursed, sealed lips that seem to say, “I don’t approve of what you’re doing, but I can’t stop you from rolling this banknote into a straw and ripping a fat rail of white lightning in the Buffalo Wild Wings handicapped bathroom stall, you goddamn beautiful disaster.” 


I       am       a w a k e.

– and you realize, that’s all there are: doors, and windows and bridges and gates, and they all open the same way and they all close behind you.

I’m not a real person yet.

Abbi, you are the love of my life.


if i give u a ride home and u complain about the fact that im playing the inglourious basterds soundtrack on my car stereo im dropping u off at the side of the road i dont fucking care